My Progress

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February 1/2011
Starting point: 307Lbs.

February 21/2011
I lost ten pounds here are my current measurements...
bust- 50in.
Waist- 55in.
hips- 51in.
arms- 17in.
Thighs- 33.3in.
Calf- 21.5in.

ugh I realize that I am gian-fucking-gantic right now but it will all change soon.

March 16/2011
Weight- 296lbs

April 2/2011
No change.
But I am still so damn proud.

May 25/2011
17 pounds(was 20 and then I gained some in Ontario :()

                                     October 30/2011
Weight- 281lbs
waist- 51.5
upper arm- 16
forearm- 11.5
upper thigh- 31
calf- 19
hips- 49

                 July 2012!
274 pounds.

January 2013


  1. Honestly you will want these in the future! I am sorry I didn't take more photos when I was heavier! You are Beautiful no matter what though! Good for you for posting pictures too, its really good for all of us to see what amazing changes are soon coming your way!! Keep up the awesome work and Congrats on losing 10lbs that is a GREAT start!!

  2. you are such a beautiful girl!! Keep going girl.. you are doing great!!

    Stay strong and keep your head in the game :)
    Lots of us out here in the same boat.. stop by sometime

  3. Way to go!!! And others are right--you are beautiful...and the loss of many pounds begins with one...Congrats!!!!

  4. I love looking at progress photos, I always find them really inspiring.

    That photo of you on April 2 with your hair out - stunning - that is all I can say about it. You are a gorgeous young woman and you should be darn proud of yourself.

  5. Thanks for sharing progress photos. Our starting numbers are very close. Looking forward to seeing you succeed!