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This is my old about me, I don't want to delete it so Im not going to, but the second paragraph is my updated about me, you will see it is much different. 
Hi, Im Keegan. I am the wannabe former fatgirl. I have two cute cats named Adam West and Indie, I live with my boyfriend Morgan, and his brother Mikey. I am going to school to be a hair stylist, I love hair and I am good at it, I am so passionate about it. I am from BC, Canada. I am determined to lose 150lbs, I know it is not going to be an easy road but I will conquer it. I have been overweight my whole life because of a combination of things, whether it was my family thinking we should eat all the time or my emotional/bordom eating. I went through alot of stuff as a young teenager and I turned to anorexia with some bulimea as well as over exercise. I lost alot of weight doing that but it all came back two fold when I was like 16 and all the weight snuck up on me, before I knew it was was 307 pounds. In the past I thought I was motivated but I was really looking for a quick fix or a miracle solution, I don't want that anymore. I want to work this fat off, I want to work on getting myself back, I want to be the Grace I know I am and not the Grace everyone else sees. I am done being the fat friend or the funny fat girl. I know you ladies out there feel the same way I do and it hurts to your core to feel this way. Come with me on this journey, I will be here for you and I will be here for me. I promise to not hurt myself with  food anymore. I promise to turn to turn to any other activity when I am bored. I promise to value myself again and I swear I will come out of this a stronger women and someone who loves herself more than anyone could ever know. 

Hey again, I'm still Keegan. I have lost 55 pounds.It took me a a year and a half going slowly. I have taken so many step since I started this blog to change my life, and boy I would say I have. In 2011/2012 I went to college and graduated. I got the career of my dreams, broke up with the "man of my dreams" who I thought I would be with forever but realized I was in love with the idea of him and not him. I will always love him and be his biggest supporter but I'm not the girl to make him happy. I left everything I knew for the past 6 years of life to start again 3 provinces away. I got drunk alot this year and had a fucking blast making friendships and memories that will last forever. I cried alot aswell, did a ton of thinking and even more hard decision making. I didn't always make the right choices and I was reckless alot, but it is part of growing up and moving on. I don't regret anything from this year, the fights, the triumphs and the overwhelming sense of the world in the palm of my hand. After I broke it off with Morgan, I spent one last night with him in Calgary before I flew home. We spent the night in each others arms, as friends and honestly I remembered how in love with him I once was that night. He dropped me off at the airport and I walked away without looking back know I would probably never see him again.

Once I got back I did not allow myself to think too much, so I got back into the dating world right away. I met a guy named James and we started seeing eachother, we had so much fun together but he had to cut it short because a girl he once loved walked back into his life. I moved on again and started dating, all duds. I called James and asked how he was- it didn't work out with the girl so we decided to be friends with benefits. It was so strange sleeping with someone new.

A few weeks later I met my now boyfriend Tyler. He is so sweet and funny, and smart as hell.

So in conclusion, I had a life overhaul. I have actually never been this happy, and it feels great.

This is me now. 

my pictures from a good year and a half ago...

My original profile picture, 20 pounds ago and 20 insecurities.

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