Friday, February 18, 2011

back in the saddle.

So I was feeling really crappy and discouraged the other night and I did not want to diet or exercise anymore. I just felt like giving up but I knew in my heart of hearts I would regret giving up. So I made myself go to the gym and I worked harder than I have ever worked in my workout life. It felt great and I felt inspired again, I think the key is feeling like Im acomplishing something. I think I was feeling discouraged because Joanie pretty much decided to ditch me and be gym buddies with my arch nemisis, it hurt my feelings a little bit but I suppose your not suppose to let people in or they will hurt you. I now know who I can trust, and who wont hurt me, and a big thank you to them.
I am very motiviated and I am trying something new with my diet this week. No bread starting today no bread, no pasta, no rice. So let see how many dt's I go through but something is hindering my weightloss and honestly the only thing I can think to be doing it is the bread. So lets go.

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