Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Why can't I just stick with it. I feel afraid to eat, and now when I do eat I go crazy. Back in the day I stuggled with anorexia and over exercise, I think i am afraid I will get it again and I am always struggling with food. I feel obsessed. I am thinking about it all the time, it is healthy? is it fattening? how much will I gain if I eat this? I really want a fucking cheeseburger.. i had lasagna today at east side mario and it was so good, I allowed myself to have it because if I don't indulge in the things I love than one of these days I am going to snap and eat everything including the pedestrians on the way to the grocery store. So I am going to concentrate on drinking more water and taking my fibre and see if that helps at all which it should. I have let go of my strictness with myself that I had for the first week and I have got to get my mojo back, bitches.


  1. That is how I feel every single day. I hate it! When I feel like eating everything in sight I eat a cup of cheerios (or any other healthy cereal) I keep wanting to weight myself every day, but when I do I either weight the same or .1 pounds less. Also, fruit saves! Fruit tastes good and is great for you! Another thing I like to do is get yogurt, top it with bran buds (sounds gross but it's not) and put some fruit on top. It looks and tasty fancy but it's not gonna make me fatter. Hope this helps :)

  2. Read THE END OF OVEREATING for some very interesting (albeit disturbing) info on how restaurants and the food industry use fat, salt and sugar to make their products more and more addictive.

    It never gets easy, but it does get easier. That's a subtle distinction, but there's a world of play in between the two.

    Best of luck.

  3. Hey - something that has helped me. You've heard 'one day at a time'? Sometimes, it's one hour at a time. Sometimes, one minute at a time. Just remember, if you can make it ONE day....that's one day closer to your goal!! I'll pray, okay?