Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My cute day

So this Morning Morgan turned off my alarm before I so he could wake me up himself, I woke up myself due to the stuffy nose and constant erge to cough. I came out into the living room and he get right up and he had gone and got my most favorite chicken soup and he made it for me <3

How cute is that.

Yeah I totally went to the gym three times today, I feel exhausted but not at the same time. I have had wierd amounts of energy all day. Feel pretty good about it, after a really long time out of the gym I am inspired again, thank goodness. !

Thank you to all of my beautiful wonderful supporters here and at home.


  1. going to the gym 3 times in one day? and while feeling sick? On the one hand amazed at your willpower over the illness but a teeny bit of me wants to say ..you just take care not to get run down! You need to look after you!

  2. That's so awesome! I've never been to the gym twice in one day. I hope you feel better!