Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reward system?

I was seen alot that people give themselves rewards after certain amounts of weightloss. I think I will do it too, it sounds fun.

First of all I am going on a girl's weekend from april 1-3 for my friends birthday. I want to lose ten more pounds before than so I have a couple weeks to do it. I am really excited we are staying at one of the coolest hotels in Calgary, and I am realllyy excited. So if I lose 10 more pounds than I will reward myself with lots of spending. I love me some shopping but not so much when I feel fat. Calgary is a weird city if you don't look perfect you feel out of place and alienated.

So here it is.

shopping in calgary(cause I will be there)

I seriously cannot think of anything I want right now so I will write a good one soon and tell all of you beautiful people.


  1. Sounds like a good reward to me. I looooove shopping!

  2. that sounds like an awesome reward! I love me some shopping! My 50lb reward was dieing my hair. I did blonde highlights this weekend.

  3. I need to dye my hair soo bad but I am kind of holding off until september because then I will be in the hairstlyist course and I can get it dont there. Plus I am far to ashamed to go to a salon after my bad bealch job LOL. I love shopping too ugh how I love it lol

  4. That will totally keep you motivated!!! Who doesnt LOVE shopping!!! You will so reach your goal!!