Sunday, April 17, 2011

:( bad weekend

So I pigged out all weekend long, and I am having eaters remorse now. Here's the sitch. with that, My boyfriend is in school all weeklong and his school is an hour out of town and he gets up before dawn, and comes home at like 4. Than he has eerands, homework and Morgan time. I feel like I get left out and left behind all week, when the weekend comes we have date night and on saturday its like a free-for-all and it is so fun. So Friday night I was hoping we would do something healthy, but he really likes this upscale place called Franks and they have a buffet ( an awsome buffet) every friday. So Morgan wanted to go there, and I feel like a debby downer saying I didnt want to. So I went and couldn't help myself so I gorged. I felt nasty and bloated all night, soooo no sex for me. On Saturday we did the laundry and went shopping for patio furniture and than decided we would make homemade pizza. I had every intention of making mine super healthy like, and than the cheese called me in that sexy cheesy voice and I did it again I ate ridiculous amounts of pizza, and once again felt sick. Why did I do that to myself? I am so mad and sad that I did that. I figured I would tell all of you how I feel and what I did because you are my accountability and you keep me on track with your love and support. I am happy to say that I have 38 new friends that support the crap out of me. So today I am pretty much doing a cleanse, yay for spinach? lol I will also be attending the exersice institution I subcribe to. So my pretties, how much do you think I gained?

Just on a side note, it is not that Morgan isnt supportive, because he has been with me since day one nomatter what I do, I just think he doesnt understand that my will power SUCKS.


  1. Im sorry you had a bad weekend and the guilt is not so pleasant now. Hopefully next week will be better and you will report all good news.
    However...i just LOVE the phrase .....the cheese called me in that sexy cheesy SO does doesn't it! I hear that voice a calling

  2. Tomorrow is a new day! You enjoyed yourself and you move on to better choices!

    Cheese is my weakness too. Maybe it's a Grace-thing!

  3. Just never give up! We all have those crappy cheat days or even cheat weekends. Nobody can say they have never cheated on their diet. It's hard stuff!

    But you've just gotta brush yourself off the next day and start over new and on track!

  4. Thanks girlies :)

    Yeah today I did much better!

  5. I feel like I could have taken that exact same post and used it for myself! Weekends are so hard! Today is a new day!