Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my depressing update vid


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your great-grandmother. She sounds like a great person.

    It's very hard to stop at one cookie. I have a huge sweettooth (maybe this is a Grace similarity).

    You sound like a wonderful person. That's not going to change regardless of what size you are. I think you look beautiful and I love your hair color (I think redheads are hot).

    I like your intervention idea. Please stay strong for your family. You will feel better once you are in your groove again. I always feel better mentally and physically when I workout and eat well. I think it'll help clear your head.

  2. Oh darling, first I must say you are so cute and the last part of your blog just cracked me up. Cookies are a devil to me to! I know how you feel. And with having kids and a daycare in my home its kinda hard to go with out them. That will power of mine just isn't that good yet. As for the fact that you are jumping on the ban wagon and getting back in to the swing of things is great! I know myself it feels like I have fallen off that wagon more times then I stayed on. But take you tumbles off as only a little step back and use it as a learning tool in you journey. One day you will get there, one day I will get there and we will be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY gals.

    As for your GG, I am sorry to hear she isn't dong that good, its hard to cope with a close family member being that sick. I will be think of you and her and also you papa..... All the best wishes!