Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hello my pretties :)

Ugh I did the tabata protocol today and I defiantly know that I am going to be in pain tomorrow, and not just a little bit. After not going to the gym for a good week and a half and then going "balls to the wall", was a good idea, nothing like opening a can of whoop ass on yourself to get back into it.

I have discovered the wonderful world of quiche, it can be made so healthy and chalk full of delicious healthy goodness. Does anyone have their own recipes for quiche? if so let me know!

I would like to talk about having a social life and trying to loss weight, Beth Ann was talking about this and it got me thinking alot about how I really don't have a life since starting this journey. I wish it could be different but it always seems that when your friends are going out it is to wing night or $1 beer night and you are left making a tough decision. My choice will always be my health, but it leaves me with friends who think I am avoiding them, and no life. In a way I am avoiding them but I just can't seem to make good decisions when I do go out with them, and therefore I don't. I avoid trigger people and trigger foods. I have certain friends who are more geared toward partying and drinking and then I have my best friend who is(like me) a foodie, and everyone knows that foodies don't tend to care about the amount of butter or wine that they have in their food, its just not something we care about. For me, I care now and I just try to make the best decisions, I need to find friends like me. I have in a way, I am here talking to all of you and that has been a blessing, I think all of us bloggers lean on  each other for some form of social interaction and a way to talk to like minded people. So I thank you all for your continuing support and love, you keep me sane :)

Tonight I have made the commitment to go on a double date with Morgan, Chantal and Del, we are going to East Side Marios and I am making the smart decision to read the menu prior to going, find out the nutritional value and choosing what I am having here, so that I don't have to be stressed at dinner, gosh, I am just so smart :) lol


  1. checking out the menu before hand is a great idea! I do that if we go out.. and then I don't look at the menu while at the restaurant.. because if I see all those goodies, I feel my defenses go down. Hope you enjoy your night out!

  2. I understand where you are coming from. My friends/family like to go out and drink on weekends and eat out a few times a week. I like to drink aswell, and I still do on weekends because I don't want to completely cut out all fun (though it's mostly vodka and diet soda instead of beer) and I still eat out 2x a week or so but I try to make the healthiest decisions I can, instead of the old decisions I would make before when I didn't care. Yuck!!

    Looking at the menu before-hand is a great idea. :) I also always get water when I eat out. Not only is it free, but it's healthy too!

  3. I think that knowing your limits and what are triggers for you is very important. I also think that moderation is the key to life long maybe try going out with your friends and just being concientious about what you order. Also - I wanted to thank you for following my blog and I have followed yours. Looking forward to getting to know you!

  4. As you can see I'm finally catching up on my blog reading! Anyway, yes it is harder, but it is doable. It just slows the process a bit. It's all about choices. :) Keep at it, girlie!