Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Blogger- My mom, Kelly!

My beautiful guest blogger- my momma!



Name- Kelly
Occupation- PSW

Moment of change
After my separation I found myself eating and drinking more and it was out of control, at a family members birthday party I saw a picture and said “ who is that fat girl, I don’t recognize her” and then I realized that, that fat girl was me. So that would be my AHA moment.
New Lifestyle
After unsuccessful attempts at cutting of my own hand -haha- I started the atkins diet and stopped turning to food for comfort. I struggled with losing food as my best friend, food was my drug of choice, it didn’t judge me, it made me feel better, it tasted good. At the same time though if you eat to much it made me feel like crap and sick, that’s all it was  –a drug-. So I started atkins and for the first couple months all I did was change my food, and then I started walking and biking and fishing. I knew the risks of the atkins diet, and I personally have had no issues with my cholesterol and things like that. It is all about moderation, yes I eat eggs and bacon and full fat food but for dinner most of the time, it is a big leafy salad with chicken and veggies. In the end it is basic food, you take away the chemicals and preservatives, and it is just basic food. Atkins is not for everyone but it has worked for me.  For me personally I need rules, and the atkins seems to be idiot-proof. The real reason I chose it is so I could still enjoy my wine!
The Now
My ass is finally starting to catch up with my boobs, getting  smaller that is, lol. I have lots of energy, I sleep better, my blood sugar levels are regulated, Im not carrying  around the extra 55 pounds, and for the most part Im not having cravings

Kelly’s tips:
Never deny yourself anything because it leads to binge eating- even if it means buying a whole chocolate cream pie, eating one piece of it, throwing it in the garbage and throwing coffee grinds ontop of it so you won’t eat it! Because Ive done it.

Don’t be afraid of the criticism and the scepticism you will encounter, no matter what they say or who it comes from.


 US today! 


  1. awesome post! VERY cool! Way to go Mom. Now tell me where in the heck that Bigfoot photo cutout is????!!! LOL Too funny.

  2. Beautiful Momma Grace! So glad to hear her story.

  3. how awesome!!!! i love that your mom is a guest blogger!! what a great role model!

  4. Wow! Talk about a motivator. Thanks for sharing your success story, Kelly. Michele

  5. Hot momma! Congratz on your loss momma Kelly! Thanx for sharing your story. Sometimes I just need to hear of other people's success so that I realize that I can be successful as well :D

  6. Great post and congratulations on your achievement! :)

  7. Great post! Thank you for sharing!!

    Adorable picture. :)

  8. Awesome job Momma!! What a great role model you are for your family!

    Keep focused!

  9. Your momma looks amazing!! She's motivated me, I want to look that good too!

  10. Keep up the good work.
    Good luck on your weight loss!!

  11. That is amazing. Congrats on the weight loss. It really is a tough thing to do but once you get in the habit of eating right and making the right choices it becomes a little easier. I agree with you that you should deprive yourself of anything. It just makes you want to eat more and makes losing weight really frustrating. Thanks for sharing your story! Check out my blog if you are interested :)