Wednesday, June 8, 2011

motivation... wednesday? sorry I'm a little behind

I think there was an actual reason why it it motivation Wednesday instead of Monday, BECAUSE I tried to blog about it this morning, than my internet went down. Than I decided to actually go to this gym, I had been being really really lazy lately and my will power has been nill. SO I get my gear on and go to the gym, I got there and got going, and did super well! Then I got off the elliptical and went to get the spray bottle to clean it off- and a voice from the treadmill goes "heeeeyyy Kelsi!" and I look at her and it is a girl that drives me absolutely crazy the I used to work with. This girl is bat shit crazy, she wants to best friends with everyone but she is just so crazy. I don't want to talk to her but I am trying to be nice, so I don't correct her name mistake and I just small talk with her. When she starts getting annoying I put my headphones back in and started running. When I was done with that I went to the weight machines, and she followed me through the circuits and so I pretty much ran away to the big room and started doing body weight stuff. She didnt follow me thank goodness, but when I left she shouted across the gym "BYE KELS! SEE YOU LATER!" I turned around and said "It's actually GRACE" and left. Man I am generally a nice person, and I love talking to people but there is always one person you cannot stand, she is one of mine!

In Conclusion, She was my motivation to work extra hard today, because I wanted to do better than her and because I wanted to work my ass off so I could leave! I know.I know, I sound like a terrible person, but you guys know me, I'm not a mean girl!

So Motivation Monday this week is rattle my cage Rachel!

Also I am going to pick my mother up from the airport on Sunday, which just happens to be my 20th birthday! So I am going to Calgary on Saturday to spend the day, should be fun!


  1. Haha, this cracked me up! You had me at 'bat shit crazy.' :) I once worked with a girl like that, and everyone just kind of tried to ignore her. Then one day I made her cry. Like you, I'm generally very nice, but we all have our limits! Haha :)

  2. Calgary should be just lovely this time of year. The snow capped mountains...yet it is warm, huh? You are better looking than Nicole Kidman and have and advantage over her. You are younger. I will like witnessing your journey.

  3. LOL at the description of the girl.

    I like having people in the gym because it pushes me to workout harder!

  4. So glad you corrected her! If she's going to be phoney McGee and try to be BFFs with everyone, she should at least have their names right! *virtual high five*

  5. Haha! This is funny for one reason:My best friend HAS this stalker! lol This girl works at Walmart in our town--- and Jacque cannot go in there without this other girl seeing her, walking over, and following her around. She has even started getting her hair cut by my friend (who is a stylist.) AND she is now dating my next door neighbor, so when Jacque is here---the bat shit crazy girl is on our doorstep. lol My poor friend! :) Sorry you have a stalker too!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  6. Have a great birthday Kelsi! hahaha just kidding :)