Tuesday, August 2, 2011

hello 6 am, we meet again.

So I forgot 6 am existed because my sleep schedule has been so wonky lately. I have been going to be between 3 and 5 am every morning lately, I know- terrible for weight loss-. So yesterday I stayed up all day and boy was I grouchy lol, but I got to bed at like 9 pm, and took a nap on the sofa for like an hour before that. Now it is 6 am and I feel weird to be up! I have made myself a day schedule that I am going to work my way into before September so that I am used to waking up early and being ready on time again. School is from 8-4 Mondays to Fridays so it is a pretty sweet deal. Anyway, I am going to tell you my schedule because someone else needs to know about it or I will bend it all the time LOL, but these next couple days are transition days

5:00am- wake up and eat breakfast, get ready
5:30am- go to the gym
6:30am- (shower) get ready, have a protein shake
7:40am- go to school
Lunchtime-eat lunch and do any homework I have
4:00pm- get off school, have a snack, go home and relax, homework
6:00pm- eat dinner
7:00pm- go to the gym
8:00pm- get ready for bed, meditate, do yoga, read a book, type a blog, make lunch
9:00pm- go to bed!

It is going to be a busy and structured year but I think it will help me with University next year, BTW IM NOT A MORNING PERSON.


  1. You are adorable Grace! :) Morning person or not.

  2. I hear ya - I'm not a morning person either but life demands that I become one- FAST! I guess it just takes some adjustment so I am sure you will be feeling like a champ in a few weeks. Give yourself some time to adjust to (and bitch about if you need to) your new schedule. It may be hard, but what in life truly worth doing isn't? (I'm thinking I need to heed my own damn advice!)

  3. Oh, I hate mornings too. I see that you want to go to the gym TWICE a day? Wow, that's commitment. I like working out, but you'd never get me to the gym in the morning.

  4. 5am is an ungodly hour to be up. You are a sucker for punishment young Grace but I know you can do it :) Just FYI, I haven't yet decided if I am going to come to Cranbrook on Thursday. Do you have a number I can text you at if I do?!

  5. gym 2x a day - hello rockstar! Best wishes, that's a busy schedule but you're worth it!

  6. I used to be a morning person, but not so much now. Great schedule, especially the gym 2x per day.

  7. I've been trying to get up earlier, it really does help with weight loss.