Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 2 of being VEGAN

Today was super good :) being a vegan has been pretty easy so far. For those of you who don't know what a vegan is, it is a person that doesn't eat or drink anything that once had a face or came from something that had a face. So no meat, milk, cheese, eggs, honey and things like that. Also some vegans also don't buy products that are made from things like wool or silk because you are exploiting an living creature. I am doing this for my health, the planet, and for all of the mother natures wonders. I know that alot of people think that vegans are holier than thou but I am going to try and not be preachy about my veganism.

If you want more information on veganism or vegetarianism I would suggest watching the film Vegucated or click the link to find out more.

Soo today I ate..

10 raspberries
15 wheat thins and 1 tbs of chipotle hummus
nature valley trail mix bar
15 wheat thins and 1 tbs of chipotle hummus
10 snap peas
vegan chili (made by moi!), 1/2 cups rice

for a total of 980 calories, under budget but I might have some air pop

have a great night boys and girls

You havent seen me in a while so here is a pic I took last night.
Yeah I got a nose ring! :) I didn't even cry.


  1. Congratulations on the new health quest. I was a vegan for 17 years -- so I can attest to the fact that there are TONS of wonderful vegan things to eat. If you're looking for any recipe ideas, my mom has a great veg-friendly blog over at

    P.S. Super cute pic!

  2. *I eventually had to go "vegetarian" because I could no longer tolerate soy, gluten or corn.

  3. LOVE the nose ring! I had my nose pierced when I was 30 and just took it out a few weeks ago(I'm 36 now). I had a major job interview with a conservative organization, so I thought I should remove it. :)

  4. Just so you're aware... Nature Valley Trail Mix bars all contain honey so they aren't vegan. You need to be really careful about checking the ingredients on any processed foods because they can include animal products that you wouldn't think of.