Thursday, January 12, 2012

still hanging in here

Havent done a whole lot lately other than clean my place, sleep and got to school which I love. I have had clients all week long and I adore them, hi-lites today turned out really well but she didn't let me blow her hair straight so I didn't get the full effect, ladies your straight shiny end hair is what your stylist looks forward to so let us have our moment! I am sitting at reception right now typing this because it is all the time I have!

I found that I have zero motivation to go to the gym lately so I am looking into a new type of gym, this gym has boxing, kickboxing, mma and things of that nature so I think that might be the key to new motivation to go to the gym. I have found just the thought of the gym is making me bored let alone going, plus my gym membership expired so I am going to look into it and let you know what my decision is. I am going for lunch now - bean burrito :)


  1. I totally want to join a kickboxing class. Im excited for you!

    1. haha I totally know! Come do it with me!

    2. I totally would if we were closer lol