Sunday, July 22, 2012

update :)

Holy canoli.
 I have been good and gone for like a year now. I am done college as of tomorrow when I will be doing the biggest exam of my life. I do not regret taking a year off from blogging because I have come so far emotionally and mentally. I have not gained a single pound back that I have lost and I am the lowest weight I have been as an adult yet!

As of September I will be starting a new blog chronicling my life, and I will be updating this blog once a week at least. There is so much happening and so much that has happened in my life since last September. I am moving back in with my mom on August 21, back in Ontario. If anyone forgets, I live in BC now, with my boyfriend of 6 years. Well I want a huge change, I need a huge change. I have a career now and I want to start a new life, even if that means starting over. Morgan is not coming with me, and no I have no idea what this means for my relationship with him. I will be a single lady, with a new career in a tiny Ontario town living with my mother. I am hoping to live there and save money until I can afford to move to Toronto and start my grown up life haha.

SO get ready for the new Wannabe former fat girl blog, coming September 1st/2012- I can't wait to reconnect with you all and see you progress. I am stoked! I will also be rolling out my lifestyle blog, which will be my place to share my adventures in love, sex, rants, fashion, beauty and all other things I do and see. See you all soon <3


  1. Congrats!! I remember you were once not sure of the relationship future-maybe a new perspective is just what you are needing. I look forward to your new journey. =)

  2. yay! i am back, too! can't wait to read the latest happenings :)

  3. Congratulations!!! Good luck with everything!

  4. Great post! Congrats on your weight loss, and your graduation! One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar ( Not only do their products help you lose weight, they also help you maintain your weight loss.

  5. Well done and looking forward to reading you again :-)