Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last night

So I decided to have a little get together at my condo last night and we watched a bunch of movies and it was alot of fun. I drove Mikey home and on the way down to my car I slipped down a stair and twisted my ankle right around or at least I feel like it was like that lol and guess who has a sprained ankle now.. I do. I fell and luckily I had two strapping men with me, one of which has first aid and they diagnoised me, got me ice and got me into the house, how sweet. It hurts, Im sad. Im curious if it is some kind of karma, I know I was a terrible person in highschool but you would think that it would have got me already, shit happens. ouch I tell you, ouch.  No gym today or tommorow and I am super hoping that it will feel better by tuesday, no Im not hoping I know, hear that ankle, I know!!


  1. Sorry about your ankle. But it does sound nice to have two strapping men with you. :)

  2. That was for sure the only perk lol