Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wow yester reeaallyy sucked. drama. but then it was good. Ill tell ya the story.

It all started on Friday night. Joanie told me she wasnt going to be able to come to the gym with me on Friday a couple of day ago and I was like "ok, thanks for the heads up" than on Friday morning we went to the gym and she told me  her friend had canceled on the drinking and she could come the the gym with me that night( we go twice sometimes) So I got all excited because I wanted to do the circuit I created. Friday when I am at work I get another text saying never mind Im going out drinking. Now I know she is going to cancel in the morning and all I wanted her to tell me was that she was canceling in the morning but she said she was "probly" coming. So I got excited to do that circuit again( I don't like to do it on my own, I look like a freak) and then I get the text later that night.."Im going to a party in another town, So Ill try and be back by the morning.." I was like, yeahhh. So the morning rolls around and no sign from Joanie, I don't even know if something has happened to her at this party or what. BUT I get a text from my other friend who wants to come with me so we go and it was nice. SO still no word from Joanie but my Chantal told me she will come in the night with me too. So I have a gym safe dinner and I create a new circuit for your abs and arms, took me a while. I get to her house to pick her up womdering where she is and I get bored get my phone and she canclled on me, I was pissed and sent her a nasty text. I was so upset at everyone ditching me. Like I feel like the worlds biggest peice of shit to have friends that don't give a shit about me. NOT only that but Joanie was gym cheating on me with my arch nemisis, she stoped but it still pissed me off. Sometimes you wonder if you are really in this alone, and well yeah you are. I forget that not everyone is like my boyfriend ( of almost 5 years) he stands by me and never breaks a promise and never cancels something no matter what. People are not like that, people are only out for themselves, and that is cool with me. It doesnt piss me off I understand now, I cant rely on anyone but me, plus they cant loss this weight for me only I can, and if I let them make me feel discouraged or let them not being there stop me from excelling Im only cheating myself. So I went to the gym anyways with no plans to do the circuit, I almost cried, and I did weak ass cardio for 45 min. then I notice behind me that there is two balls set out and two yoga matts, and my boyfriend is standing outside the ladies room waving me in. He knew how upset I was about my friendship situation so he decided he would do it with me even though the gym is his place to unwind and be by himself. After we galivanted around the gym for a while we went and did plank then he danced with me around to room and made me so happy. I have the worlds greatest boyfriend, and I can't wait for him to propose and for me to spend the rest of my life with this man. When I feel like there is noone in this world that cares about me, or noone that wont dissapoint me he is there to hold my hand or hug me or do chick exercises. I am so happy. Yesterday wasa  fairytale.

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