Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back from Calgary

Omg my trip was amazziinng. As you know we decided on a whim to go to Calgary, it was so much fun. We left at 5am like normal, got there around 10ish the roads were really gross slushy with ice underneath. When we got there we went to Ikea, let me tell you, I LOVE IKEA. Then we went to the Chinook centre which  just happens to be the best mall in Calgary, seriously it has everything you could ever want. I spent like 7 years at Sephora and Morgan bought me a new flat iron, mine was getting really bad at doing it's job (it's a senior, 5 years old). I mentioned mine wasnt working so well and he asked me which one I would want and then he picked it up and got it for me I was super excited. By the time 3 o'clock(check-in) came around I was pooped. So we went right to the Hotel Arts, it was so nice in there I was blown away. I had sent Morgan to park my car and I would check-in. The place I sent him to park the car was a monthly renters lot only(whoops). So I decided I would just do valet and I do not regret it. I had never done it before because I'm cheap but I said what the hell. I will never go back to parking myself, they took my luggage up, offered to wash my car ugh it was so nice. When we got settled I saw the breakfast room service order form and then I said what the hell again. I did it and when morning came around the girl knocked on the door( I was still sleeping), I answered my door in my PJ's she was bright and happy and brought our food in and it was soooo good. Once again I am not going back to no room service it was so good. All and all it was such a fun, romantic, and de-stressing weekend.

Ladies and gents, I would highly recommend you get away even for night to a hotel and just relax. I have been feeling so stressed out lately getting over this flu and problem after problem feeling down. I am refreshed and happy and I feel like I could concure the world. I am glad I splurged and went for it and I am planning on doing it again in may or june. My friend Jess and I are going in the beginning of april for her birthday but it is going to be more of a hangoverfest and not a sleep weekend lol. Ugh so happy. I am going to post a video on youtube(the link will be in the youtube bar)

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  1. Glad you had an amazing trip!!!