Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thats what happened today. Just as I thought I was out of the water I got sick again, but I said thats enough Im done sitting at home rotting. So I went to the gym and literally I would have to blow my nose every 40 seconds lol. After the gym I went to grocery store and bought orange juice and some more orange juice and that will be my staple vitamin c until I get healthy again damn it.

The part the sucks the most is that I am never sick but lately thats all I am. I have eight days before my girls weekend in Calgary and I had better be better by than. >:|

Thanks for letting me rant :)

BTW I want to do my first giveaway. I will be aquiring something awsome when I am in calgary next friday and I will go from there. I just want to show you guys how much I love you all and am so glad for your support.


  1. Aww, it sucks that you are sick but at least you got the motivation to go to the gym, that's great!

    Hope you're better by Calgary, and have a blast!

  2. I hope you feel better! Thats really great that you were able to push through it and go to the gym!! Keep up the great work! I have always wanted to go to calgary that sounds awesome!! Hang in there and feel better!

  3. Calgary is so much fun, sexy cowboys, barely any taxes, it like a blast in a glass ;)

  4. Urgh! I'm like that too. I swear I will have lost at least 50lbs after all the snot that's come out of my nose.

    I hope you feel better by the time you go away!