Friday, April 29, 2011

small changes

So normally each weekend Morgan and I have date night, on one of these we usually go out and have a massive meal and then lay around the house. Sounds awful doesn't it? it does now, to me. So my genius idea  was to spend the $60 we would have spent on that giant meal on some fun stuff. So this week we got cuponk, twister, badminton rackets, and a football. Next week I want to get some picnic stuff, a cooler, and boccie. So my small changes have been pretty good, these things make us get active and I kind of love it, It is good for my health and my ass.

ALSO I did not gain 5 pounds, I only gained like 1 and a half pounds. I also went to the gym today, so I am on the ball, yo.


  1. Loving it! Aww how cute to be active with your man, lol I'm pretty sure he could work you out really well :D

  2. Keep up the great changes!! Sounds like a fun weekend!! haha