Sunday, May 1, 2011

Started a food journal today

Yeah figured I would join the club and get on the food journal wagon, I started on Thursday but I lost the random piece of paper I wrote it on, so I started again in another random book. BUT that book was old and had writing all through it on random pages. Today I bought a pretty little polka dot book, and I like it. I copied all the other journals into it and now I am quite content. I am contemplating putting it on here too, so that I have even more accountability. Not to sure yet, today I had a rough go as far as calories go, I went out for lunch to the country club and had a giant turkey club with mayo and cheese and bacon and death, I also crammed down french fries. Than I went to Morgan's mother's house for dinner and had  shake and bake chicken and this super good hashbrowny-cheesey-sourcreamy-orgasmy casserole. Lets just say there was nothing diet about that wonderful casserole. I had like two cups worth of that, and a mountain grain role with butter, than I had a fudgsicle. When we got home I had skinny cow ice cream cup(it is so good, and only 100 calories), also during the day I had more ice cream. OMG writing it makes it seem alot worse, it didn't seem so bad in my food journal. Now that I know people will see it it sucks!!! BAHH



  1. I think that's awesome that you've started a food journal! I've been keeping track of what I eat since I started my journey, and it really does help because you can look back and see what you ate to lose or gain(hopefully none of this) weight that week!

  2. Food journal is definitely going to help.