Tuesday, May 3, 2011

guess what I got today?

A brand new, very very gently used elliptical machine! 

I know right?

I was leaving for the gym and I walked out the door and heard a the voice of an angel from down the hall 

"hey!" I turned around and she said "do you want this?" I was in shock, she helped me drag it into my house and now its mine. :) She moved here from Manitoba and she never uses it, the condos in our building are only about 800-900 square feet so if you don't use something you get rid of it. I am loving have my own. She bought it brand new and said she only used it for maybe six hours!. I am so pumped. It is fucking gigantic, but I am soooo happy. 

Today is youtube Tuesday so I am going to record my video after I watch the new episode of law & order: SVU, Im an addict. 


  1. Wonderful News..what a fabulous thing to happen

  2. How freaking awesome is that!? LOL now you really have no excuses! You wear that Elliptical down to the nuts and bolts! :D

  3. WOOO HOOO! That is awesome! Now you can watch TV and get fit.

  4. I've got one at home too but I never use it, however I always use the one at the gym. Hmm, i'm strange!

  5. haha I like the one at the gym mucchh better then the one at home, the one I have you can't put your weight in or anything, the one at the gym you can put all your stats in and I like that.