Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Is anyone doing anything fun? I might not be Mexican but I really like Mexican food. I am trying to decide on what I should make for our Cinco De Mayo dinner, I want to make something healthy so I don't turn into a giant burrito or something. Do you think there is a way to make super healty nachos? I think if you just went easy on the tortillas, and put corn, onions, chick peas, kidney beans, chicken, peppers, little bit of cheese, and salsa? MAYBE tacos? I love tacos, and those are generally healthy I usually don't put mine on tortillas so I can save some calories.

On a more feminine topic So men need not read!
Does anyone have any natural cures for cramps? I am dying up in here, I feel like trolls with fire swords are repelling down my uterus walls stabbing all the way and it is awful. So anything?

yay for Cinco De Mayo!


  1. So what time should I be there for dinner? LOL!~

    Hot tea or a heating pad used to help me. I hope you feel better soon and the trolls vacate the premises so to speak.

  2. Healthy nachos for me now are basically turning into a taco salad garnished with something crunchy :)

  3. I'm celebrating by studying for a Final Exam that I have to take tomorrow! Such Joy! LOL But I've been trying to find the healthiest way to make some nachos too, but I just cannot find wheat tortilla chips anywhere -sadness-