Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Im tired!

So I woke up this morning, and had a healthy philly cheese steak for breakfast( I feel like I should eat heavy stuff early in the day), than I went to the ggyymm. I was there for an hour and burned 660 calories according to the machine, I know its not accurate but I still feel accomplished. Than I had ridiculous amounts of energy so I drove to Kimberly and got that new protein shake, came home tried it, was grossed out. Like 15 minutes later I had an energy burst, I dont know what was in that vega shake but here is my theory.

Vegans are known to be like the healthiest people. Has anyone seen Scott Pilgram VS. the World? well I think they have it right. VEGAN POWERS-- I think after drinking that gross shake my VEGAN POWER kicked in and I was bouncing off the walls, I danced to achey breaky heart on repeat and cleaned for like half hour... it was weird.

So thannn My boy came got here and we went to the gym together and I burned another 400 calories. Than I ate 6 mini cookies and a salad, and 6 pieces of bacon.

I think I came in around 1500 calories for the day so I am right on target, yo. :)

HEY do you like my new look for the blog? Its springy/summery eh? yeah I needed a change.
What do you guys think of vlogs? are they better than just words? or are the words more powerful?

Have I told you all lately how much I love you? nahh I haven't, but I do, yall are great :)

I will be weighing in a couple days after my period is gone so that I get a good acurate reading, I can't take the disappointment right now.


  1. Great job with tracking and exercising! :) The calories counter on machines isn't accurate but it only over-estimates between 15-20% so that's still a GREAT burn!

  2. Most of the vegans I know eat mostly over-processed foods and are of poor health. Animal protein (even fatty red meat) is a natural, healthy part of the human diet ...and it's delicious. That said, there are some great vegan dishes out there.

    I prefer reading to watching vlogs.

  3. I prefer when you write because I cannot listen to vlogs at work. Keep up the great work!

  4. I enjoy watching vlogs, however, I prefer written blogs; not sure why. Maybe it is because I can read and process the words at my own pace. Who knows!?

  5. Wow you went to the gym twice in one day. Kudos to you. Best of luck. Gracie (also a gemini) ;)