Monday, May 9, 2011

Motivation Monday

So it's Monday again. I have decided that one day I want to run a half marathon, and not lay on the ground five minutes in dying.

So My motivation is to be able to run a half marathon

Also I got new shoes yesterday, I have been wanting new shoes for a while. The ones I had were from walmart and they just werent comfortable. So I got new Reebok Reeflex shoes, they are amazing. I prefer to run and workout barefoot, and these are natural movement shoes, so for me they are the bomb.

I had to take pictures for you all :)

BTW my ice pops turned out really good! 

Im weighing myself on Wednesday, so watch out Wednesday.


  1. Those shows look great on you! I need a new pair of runners too!

    Have a great week!

  2. Those are some awesome shoes!! I am totally jealous... and may have to go buy new shoes.

  3. Those new shoes are sweet! I am trying to lose 40lbs and I am going to start walking today! I know you can do it and I am rooting for ya! Kiah

  4. I got my shoes from walmart too! But I can't afford a new shoe lol. Those Reeboks are banging!!! Oh n glad your ice pops came out great! Ugh I want one now lol

  5. Nice shoes! I've never been to Walmart before, I wanted to go when I went to the US a few years back but never got the opportunity in the end :(

  6. oooh! love the shoes :) how comfy are they?

  7. They are sooo comfortable, like walking in barefeet but with clouds underneath lol

    Tim, don't go to walmoart even if you have the chance, I dont shop there anymore they suck, terrible company.