Sunday, May 8, 2011

I made ice pops :) healthy ones!

So I picked up some ice pop molds when I was in Calgary from Crate & Barrel ($15), and I decided today that I would make some ice pops, but ones that were really good for you.

So when I was at the grocery store today being the grocery fairy, I picked up some carrot juice,  Valencia orange juice and some plain yoghurt. I mixed them all together in a bowl, I never use measurments, I just taste test.  I mixed it up so the predominant flavour would be orange, I also had an orange laying around so I put some of its juice in there as well as some rind. YUM.

They are freezing right now, and I am so excited. They are under150 calories I would estimate and they have at least 100% of your daily vitamin A


  1. Those sound so good right about now!!! Great idea especially since it's getting hotter outside and you can always make whatever flavor you want! Awesome :D

  2. I want to make these ASAP! Florida is getting humid and hot.. this would be perfect :) Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you have a wonderful new week!

  3. AWESOME! I don't have a freezer so I can't make them, but I LOVE the idea! Enjoy them!

  4. How did these pops taste? I have looking for some good ones to share with my son. These looked YUM!