Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Protein Shake Reveiws


  1. you are totally not weird for not liking milk! I hate milk, but LOVE soy milk. So, totally not weird!

    Your face... on the Choc-o-lot, PRICELESS!

  2. So glad you found my blog.. so I could find yours! I love your vlogs!

    Do you use a blender for your protein shakes? I just bought Sun Warrior powder, which is also vegan (just brown rice protein) and it does have a bit of that chalky taste. I find that blending with ice and almond milk and a bit of banana lessen the chalkiness. I think being really cold makes a huge difference. Maybe you can try that with the Vega powder, and it will be more palatable.

    You can probably find samples of Sun Warrior at the health food store, if you want to try it. They had them at ours, but I just bit the bullet and paid for a big bag ($61 for 1000 grams) It makes 48 servings and is 70 calories for the unflavoured.

  3. I wish I had a blender! I have to shake the crap out of mine in a bottle. BUT at least I get a good arm workout?

    I will look for the Sun Warrior one next time I'm at the store, I think I prefer the chalkiness over the gross creamy thing that the vega has. One thing I did notice was that I got a serious energy boost after the vega settled I was bouncing up and down!

    haha Trisha, I make soo many faces I can't control them!