Sunday, May 1, 2011

Running playlist

So I guess Im on a blogging spree, which is cool. I wanted to share my new running playlist, I adore it. It is kind of perfect.

Rolling in the deep- Adele
Lose Yourself- Eminmen
On the Floor- J-lo and Pitbull
Lazy Song- Bruno Mars
Top of the World- The Cataracs
Misery loves Company- One More Girl
Summer Girl- Jessica Andrews
Sweet Dreams- Emily Browning
Tomorrow Never Knows- Alison Mosshart
Army of me(Suckerpunch remix)- Bjork
Love is the Drug- Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac
White Rabbit- Emiliana Torrini
Asleep- Emily Browning
I want it All- Queen
Search and Destroy- Skunk Anasie
Where is My Mind- yoav & Emily Browning

Seriously I love it. You can find all of these on itunes and everything from sweet dreams down is the suckerpunch soundtrack.


  1. Good choices! I love that J. Lo song!

  2. Tonight I am going to go on YouTube and listen to most of those songs because i've only heard of a few of them. Hopefully I can steal some ideas for my playlist :)

  3. I am always looking for ways to change up and add to my thanks for the suggestions...will definitely remember some of these (not familiar with a lot of them...).

    Thanks for posting...:)