Thursday, June 30, 2011

homework and waiting!

Did good today, getting back on track has been really hard for me but I am trying! did homework for 6 hours today and am still going, got news from a college for Morgan and he is accepted now we are waiting on the Navy. Yesterday I was super hungover and throwing up all day so that kind of reset me, that was a plus! Tomorrow I am going to write what I ate and the same until this all goes back to routine. I am so sorry for being a bad blogger lately, and I will get back on this starting tomorrow!


  1. Just found your blog so don't worry about being a bad blogger! lol...Homework for six hours I hope there were a lot of breaks in between. Super hungover from a Wednesday is no longer possible with the 45 hour work weeks. Lets get back to that routine!

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  2. Ugh...hangovers are the suck! Feel better soon!

  3. Yeah, your back, I missed you. Hope that you are feeling better soon. Congrats to Morgan!