Thursday, June 23, 2011

World wind week

This week has been crazy. I am doing school work like crazy, to get it done in time so I cen get into college in fall or winter. Than on Tuesday Morgan was on the forces website and found some jobs he might like with them
Wednesday- drive four hours to Calgary, hang out in the forces office for three hours doing paper work and talking, eat dinner, drive four hours home.
Thursday(today) Apply to colleges for Morgan, I helped because it is already june and he is trying to get in for September, with the forces. We found on on Vancouver Island that has only six spots left so we went to the school board and faxed a student record, I helped him study, I studied, we went to his moms house to get her up to speed, than to his Grampa's house and now we are home and I have 8 hours of homework.

Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant and I gave birth and it was a boy, he was really cute but it was a weird dream. Than when that dream was over I had a dream about my teeth falling out, like I could just pull them out, it was horrifying.

I think my weird and bad dreams are coming from my lack of routine and lack of exercise, water and diet. It has proven very difficult as of late to think of myself and focus on myself. I need help. I am going crazy and I am out of control, I have no control over anything, like were I am going to live in the next six months if the Navy takes Morgan, where I will go to school, who I will make friends with, will I continue to diet and exercise because I havent been lately, how will I take care of everything I need to?! I am sad and confused and going nuts.

Thanks for listening to my craziness I am sure I will get back to normal soon.

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  1. Grace, I sure hope things can settle into an easier routine for you soon. Sounds like everything is crazy for you, but I'm sure this is just temporary. Keep on studying, do the best you can every day with your food plan, and don't sweat the small stuff. You will make it through this!