Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So everyone summer is upon us, we all need to remember -more so now- that water is really important. I know alot of strive for a certain amount everyday but do wee always make it? Lately I have been doing not so great with my water, but I am making it a priority. I am going back to drinking 6 litres of water a day, and I picked this number because it is not the easiest to accomplish but I feel great when I do. So stock up on your water, pretend like your a camel! lol here are some helpful ways to get your water in...

  • Drink from an even number bottle( so like 1 litre, or 2 litres)
  • Drink from a bottle or a huge cup with a straw
  • Drink a goal amount before every meal, I dont eat breakfast in the morning until I have taken in at least a litre
  • chug it when you are doing errands, I always have two bottles in my car/purse, I leave the cap off one of them so it is easy access
  • if you are having one of those days were water is revolting turn it into something you like(my recipe below)
  • Come up with a water mantra - My skin looks bright and I look skinny when I drink water
Those are just a few that help me get my water in.

Passion tea iced
I love the starbucks shaken passion tea, but Im kind of poor and I dont like wasting my money. So I go and buy a can of their passion tea. I boil some water and 1 cup of water over my tea bag. Let it steep for two minutes, fill a glass half or three quarters full of ice and then pour the tea over the ice. Stick a straw in and drink away!

I like this recipe because you can make it your own, I do it like this so there is no sugar and just water, I dont eat artifical sweeteners but you could for sure add some stevia or whatever you use.

Also make sure to lather up in that sunscreen ladies and gents! Dont forget neck and hands, they are the first sign of ageing!


  1. Love this post!! Good reminder to drink up the water!! I always chug a bottle of water right before breakfast... I dont know why, its just a habit now. Maybe to make myself think I am full?? LOL! But yeah, great post!

    p.s.----love love LOVE the pics on the left side! <3

  2. Drink, drink, drink! Bottoms up!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  3. Gotta stay hydrated! We love those trips to the potty...especially in the middle of the night where you're running into things and hoping that no one left the toilet seat up as you plop down, lol. Team water!

  4. I like to drink a 20oz bottle of water as soon as I wake up then one during breakfast, one at snack time, 2 at the gym (sometimes only one), one during lunch, and one at dinner totaling 7 20oz bottles of water to make 1 Gallon of water :D Don't think I could drink anymore than that unless I really was a camel LOL!

  5. sugar free torani fruit flavors are good. Like peach. I love peach tea. I stopped drinking it for a few months. I am doing the water. I do 8 bottles of 16 ounce size. Like the mantra idea.
    Hoping you and everyone have a great losing month in June!

  6. such good ideas!!! I'll have to try these! By the way I gave you a blog award on my blog!
    much love

  7. Our California summer seems to be lost in never never land - rain, thunder and hail in the Central Valley (Sacramento area). Wondering where the nice warm, yes, even the 105 degree weather has gone.
    Found you through Alan and the June Boom - have a GREAT month!!!

    Staying MOtivated MO

  8. :) I make sure to get my water in daily! I really think it's so important to overall well being.

    I don't leave home without SPF!

  9. Water is crazy important. I realized that when, even drinking 16 glasses of fluids a day, when I started summer sweating while walking, my mouth would go all dry at night. I needed MORE Water cause of the heat/sweating. 10 cups a day ain't nada. ; )

    Happy Sunday--and I so enjoy seeing the "funny face" snapshots when I come to this blog. How does your mouth do that??? hahahaha