Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yay for another award

Thank you so much to Healthier Me & Diaries of a Fat Girl for both nominating me! I love getting awards, they make me feel special lol so thanks again!

Okay, seven things about me, this is surprisingly hard. 
  • I am a career flipflopper, I have so many passions and I love so many things that its hard to choose just one. So I just fly by the seat of my 700 trick pony pants.
  • When I like a new song I play it over and over until I don't like it any more, right now it is sunshine on my shoulders by Carly rae Jepson, I just love it, it is kind of old but a girl likes what a girl likes.
  • I love to have painted nails, but I dont like the painting part
  • Laying in the grass on a sunny day under a tree with leaves is one of my favourite things to do.
  • My favourite people on the earth are now both gone but I will never forget them and what they gave me.
  • I have my entire wedding planned even though I'm not engaged
  • I can not wait to get pregnant and have babies, it will make my life happy. Although I won't have babies until I am in optimal health, financial position and marital status.
My nominees-

I follow you girls regularly and I love your blogs :)


  1. thank you so much for the award! Ok.. LOVE that you listen to a song over and over until you don't like it any more... I've been known to do the same! LOL

  2. THANK YOU!!! I play songs over and over again too! I just can't listen to anything else when that's what I most want to hear!

  3. Congrats girl.....you deserve it!!!