Saturday, July 30, 2011


So I have been stressing out alot lately about what I am going to do with my life and how I am  going to do it. I feel trapped in my relationship and I feel like I let myself down. So I am going to college this year to be a hair stylist so that I can have a good paying job while I go to  university next year. I am doing Math and English right now so that I have the pre req. to get into USASK next year for my four year BA of psychology. Well I was scared I wasn't going to get my student loan and the government was taking its time, but I got it! So I am for sure going to college this year! Once I get done all my pre req. for uni than I will apply and hope to get in, once I get in and finish school my best friend and I are moving to Saskatoon and living the uni life. I think it is going to be so much fun to live like a 20 year old and not a 35 year old. I pay a mortgage, car, phone and all the rest of that stuff, plus I'm in a serious relationship. Now I'm not saying that I don't love Morgan, because I do and he loves me too. So he has decided to let me do whatever I want for the next five years so I can be happy and fulfilled and ready to get married and all that junk. So I am going to go to Saskatoon and live it up, like I did last night.

Last night my friend facebooked my and asked if I wanted to go to karaoke, I said yes because I need to get out of the house but I told her I'm broke and therefore cannot drink. She bought a pitcher for us and we drank and watched karaoke and had so much fun. I feel so confidant and happy having lost the weight I have lost and can't wait to lose more. I had a guy buy me drinks and a flower! I felt so special, than we went dancing and this guy got a little to comfortable with me and start LICKING MY THROAT. I was super weirded out so I went and got some water. There I found the bouncer  ( who I used to kind of date) and he told me he would get rid of the guy if I needed him to ( this bouncer still likes me :) ). I was so happy and was dancing and just being free. There was alot of stuff that happened between then but I'm sure noone wants to hear lol! Than we went to Denny's and another guy bought me some French fries and gave me his coat, I felt so pretty last night. I had a cheat day yesterday because I needed to not think, and to not be so strict with myself. I don't regret it and I didn't go overboard to much.


  1. Look at you rockin' the hell out of that red lipstick. Ahhhh to gain the attention of the opposite sex, it's a great feeling! Congrats on the loss so far, keep going because you're worth it!

  2. saw you on fgiasw's blog! following you too now. :)

    I love that feeling i get when guys actaully start noticing me again. its absolutely amazing. i feel like i havent been noticed in years and all of a sudden its happening all the time randomly. sooo sweet!