Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tomorrow is---

Weigh day. I'm scared but I have to commit to a day that I will weigh myself every week, or else I might never get on that mean little bastard. Haha but seriously, I am nervous because I haven't weighed myself in a week and I also have had good and bad days this week so I guess we will see. I'll talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. Good Luck on the weigh in...standing by!!!! Mine is Friday so I feel your pain!

  2. good luck on the weigh in tomorrow :) It's nice to have a day to track it on. Easier to follow for me

  3. I totally agree with Shannon, makes the whole weight loss journey a bit easier to track when you have a set date. Plus I think you are actually told to weigh in at the same time each time to?? Or maybe that is just me being crazy. I am slightly crazy.

  4. good luck! mine is saturday, and i haven't weighed officially at weight watchers in like a month. [totally have gained like 10 pounds according to my home scale. loved to have just flushed that $40 down the toilet!!]

    we're in this together!! just bit the bullet and step on! don't put so much emphasis on that number -- it's just one of the many ways to track our progress. xo

  5. Good luck! You're awesome no matter what the scale says. I have to buy a scale before I can even weigh in...and as crazy as it sounds I'm making Chris go buy it cuz I dont want to be the fat girl buying a scale! HAHA. And because I work on an 8 day schedule I think that my weigh in days will have to be once every 8 days (say my first day off every week) Hm...or I couuld just avoid that "mean little bastard" (hehe loved that) all together.

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  7. Last Chance Work Out!! I don't know if you watch Biggest Loser, but the day before their weekly weigh-ins they have the "Last Chance Work Out" which is always super hardcore.
    Good luck on the scale. Think "Light as a Feather, Fit as a... Ford"? :P