Saturday, October 29, 2011

been a while..

I have had the most crazy two months of my adult life! School is amazing I could have never imagined how much I would love this, but now I do! I have kind of melted back into old habits for the last little while, and gained like 4ish pounds so I made the choice to come back here and not fall off the blog train. Without this support system I cannot seem to stick to it or lose weight. So I am back and I will be here everyday even if it is just lame posts about what I ate for a while until I can get back to it, because I need to start losing weight again instead of teetering at 281 or gaining like I have. So here I am with a goal I want to be at 260 pounds by Christmas at least, I think that is reasonable but my one problem is that I am reaallyy reallyy broke (thanks student loans) so I'm not sure how to eat properly anymore.. I will figure it out Im sure- anyone have some super cheap healthy ideas?


  1. Welcome back, beauty!

  2. I am not a really good cook, but it always seems that soup can be a cheap way to go. Make a lot and it is easy to heat up. Can you do that at school - heat it up, that is? When I make a big patch I put them into little containers, so when I am in a hurry out the door, just pop it into the lunch bag and off I go.

    Staying MOtivated MO