Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Been a while, eh?

I know I'm a sucky unreliable blogger. I have been super busy with school, I have also fallen off the wagon for the last while and gain a couple pounds. I am 277 again. So I have only lost 30 pounds - boo.

I got a phone call from my mother while I was driving with my friend to go run stairs tonight and she was on speaker phone. She said, I won't say anything embarrassing butttt... "How much do you weigh?" I was like, mom seriously? Fortunately my friend knows how much I weigh because we weighed ourselves infront of eachother once. I told her and she said, you think you could lose like 30ish more pounds by the time you come visit after you grad? Because I wanna go zip lining. I was like um I'll try. 

Today was kind of like a new day in my life. I am on my practicum and working 9:30-5:30 it is awesome. I got lots of water and ate healthy, and then Mel and I went to run the stairs, more like walk quickly up and then die a little inside. also breathe fire. I feel great now and I can't wait to go back to the gym tomorrow. You may have noticed a colour change in my hair, I am now super bright red with not just one nose ring but two. yay me, Im kinda a little punk, even though I'm not. 

Figured I would update you all and I hope to be back blogging soon, like tomorrow. 
I really do miss you all. 


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  1. Like the color of the hair. Glad to hear that you did the stairs - a great way to celebrate the first day of spring!! Out in the fresh air!! And it is not an only...you have lost 30 pounds. You will get back on track, but please pat yourself on the back for accomplishing those 30!! Enjoy the rest of your week!