Friday, February 11, 2011

If you thought I hurt yesterday. I didnt.

Not compared to today at least. UGH my boyfriend is eating toast. I love toast, I would marry toast, I want some :( Oh well, Ill eat soem cucumbers.. yay. Went to the gym this morning with my frannd not Joanie, she went drinking last night and went to a party in another town so she cancelled going last night and this morning, yay for me I love being ditched. Anyways I went with my other friend and we had fun, it was just cardio this morning and tonight I will be doing circut with strength and then some more cardio. I still am not seeing more results, I guess Im not working hard enough. I will push it into over time I guess. I just get so discouraged when I don't see a change on the scale, this is when I would have quit before and went on some random yo-yo diet but not this time. This time I am going to keep going and pushing for more. I will post my circut that I am doing tonight and I will post the circut we did the other day as well, that fucker HURT!

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