Monday, February 7, 2011

It's Grace again

Hello lovelies, ugh I am sitting here, and it's 11:30. I am so exhausted, Getting up early and going to the gym, working and then going to the gym is grating on me. I am so pooped. I wasnt going to go tongiht to the gym after work but I pushed myself and I went. I only went for 25 min. but I am happy I went to start with. I have been so busy for the last two days that I feel like I ate more than I should have. Yesterday We went swimming and it was really fun exercise, we got there and we paid to swim( it was a hotel) and we had the whole pool, hottub, and waterslide to ourselves, sweeet. Than we went out for breakfast, and did we ever lol. We both got the biggest meal on the menu and attempted to finish the whole thing. It was awful and I swear (this is tmi so watchout) I pooped alllll day. I am not doing that again. I have been making sure that I am always eating breakfast, and it has been paying off. Coupled with my snacking throughout the day on cucumbers and carrots, and my water drinking my craving have not been unbearable. I also find that my skin looks really good. I have more energy than normal as well. Lets shoot for 10 pounds next and see just how good I look and feel.
peace out homies.. wow that was not cool.

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