Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Set backs..

Well I feel like I have been set back. I know it is only two days work of set backs but it is discouraging. Joanie's boyfriend broke up with her yesterday so we went and ate kfc, and not just a little either, try a meal + a side of popcorn chicken LOL wow. Looks super bad on paper. Plus we only did cardo for 20 min. overallyesterday sucked. Plus there is a girl who I dispise and Joanie is friends with that is trying to steal her as a gym buddy because she is jelous that we are losing weight. BAHHH life. Do you ever just want to kill everyone, not for real but like in your imagination. Like turning into a giant and stepping on every you hate but somehow they are all in the same tiny town... I guess thats why its imaginary. I have got to get back on track. No more cheating, not even little cheats. I had my kfc and I ate it too now look how I feel. All the rest of the week I am going to work double time. My boyfriend took my care to school today and tmrw(he does that twice a week) so I cant even go twice unless I want to walk in the -10 weather and that just is not going to happen. So I am going to do something here. yes that's what a shall do.

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