Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So I found the Camera and I found the rechargable batteries but I did not find the charger for those batteries, and guess what? they are dead. This camera is the bain of my exsistance because it can't just take regualr batteries it has to be the really expensive rechargeable batteries, now I bought this camera in 2006 and have been much to cheap and broke to buy a need one so I will figure out a way and get back to you on that.

I started my recipes pages I am going to post it right after this, I apololgize because there is not a whole lot on there but I will get cracking ;) haha egg reference. I will also be updating the recipe section with more every couple of days after I try them because I will never post something I havent tryed thats just mean.

ps. omg
Im in another weird mood today and why isnt it summer yet? Dear MotherNature, I am disspleased with you.
love grace.

My ankle is pretty much 100% and I am getting back to the gym today, yes i am.  I also think that I have some weird dissorder because if I don't set my alarm I will not wake up unless something happens like today I slept until 2:30pm and the only reason I awoke was because Adam West( my cat) jumped on my  gut and then stuck his claw up my nose. You think that is a strange thing for a cat to do? not AdamWest he got his name for a reason lol.


  1. Hee hee. Nothing like waking up to a claw in the nose!

  2. beautiful cat....I've never heard of Adam West?

  3. Hehehe. Adam West.

    I'm so ready for summer too. I'm ready to pull out my flip flops!

  4. Dawn, Adam West is the man who played batman in the 1960's and now he is the mayer on family guy, hes really funny.

    OMG I wear my flipflops now and I complain the whole time because of how cold my feet are, I also sometimes listen to the beach boys, wear a hat and drink pina coladas at my house to make me feel more summery, it is my way of fighting that February depression lol

  5. Hope your ankle gets feeling normal soon!! LOVE the cat and his name!! Awesome! (Now I am thinking of Adam having a screaming contest on Family Guy!!)

    And seriously... I am too... SO done with the cold.