Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on the hunt

SO I really want to take some pictures like my ten pounds down pictures but first of all i have to find my camera, and then I have to find the rechargeable batteries and then I have to find the charger that charges these said batteries.. whoa was me. I have always been kind of a chaotic person and therefore things end up in places that noone would have expected, for instance, I once left a container fo refrigorated juice in my bathroom cupboard, I have no idea why I do these things. before I get carried away, because when I am in moods like this I tend to ramble resulting in offtopic youtube posts and strange blog posts, I need to find this camera.

I am going back to the gym today, my ankle is only a little sore so I am not going to use it alot, mostly strength training and a little bit of cardio Im thinking maybe the rowing macheine that way my legs will be strapped in and my ankle wont move, yeah whatever Im smart. LOL omg I am in such a weird mood.

so I have let my water consumption slip the last little while and I have seen the effects for example: my skin isnt as glowy and clear, my eyes arnt as bright, I dont wake up feeling bright eyed and bushy-tailed. So I am getting back into my 4litres a day starting right now I am drinking massive quantities of water as we speak through a straw.  

Do you ever think back and wonder, how did I get this fat or wtf happened? well I did some thinking and other than my being comfortable in my relationship I didnt see the warning signs coming. My very close friend at the Keff had somewhat of an intervention for me, he sat me down and said "Grace, your getting fat. Go to the gym and lay off the cookies". I am not sure how you don't see that warning sign but all it did at the time was piss me off. Looking back is a hard pill to swallow and thinking on the things that you shouldnt have done -foodwise- and things you should have done -exercisewise-. I recall one of my favorite things in the world to do was get one of those giant chocolate milk jugs, take a couple straws, connect them and then drink the whole container. Now I have done the math on that, just now and here are my findings

Beatrice 2l of chocolate milk ( one whole container)
Calories-  1600
Fat-         64%
Sat/trans- 128%
Choles.-   160mg
Sodium-    1360mg
Sugar-       240g

Its no fucking wonder why I am the size I am, thanks alot Grace. lol
Ok on a different note, I am going to stop typing now and start looking for the blasted camera.


  1. Sounds like a really thoughtful friend although you have to be ready to hear it to do something about it.
    I've thought a lot about the reasons for putting on the pounds and I seem to add weight when I'm a little sad...I'm a comfort eater. I was divorced 8 years ago, not my choice although it was my decision. Over the years I've put most of the weight on. Now, I'm no less sad about it, but unwilling to waste the rest of my life too fat to enjoy it. I think analysing why we are overweight is very good as resolve the reasons while dieting and theres a better chance of not putting it all back on again

  2. If your anke hurts another good thing to try is spinning. Or hot yoga.

  3. ugh I wish we had a hot yoga place in my town :( I also wish the roads werent so bad so I could drive 4 hours to the nearest place lol. Maybe spring. BUT spinning sounds like so much fun, and pain!

  4. I look back and think about it all the time. I get so irritated at myself! But the important thing is that we are doing something now and we are moving forward!

  5. Hey! I'm a new follower!! :)
    It's a really hard concept to figure out how we all got to the place we were, but it's also motivation! I look at it as a challenge ...I didn't care before so I'm going to care 100x more now. Best of luck in this journey! We're all in it together!


  6. love it!!!
    very very very cute post!!=P
    follow u

  7. It happened to me because I got way too comfortable in my relationship but he got fat too. Oh well :(