Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Self esteem and beauty tuesday?

It is 1:20am and I just can't sleep I will be resetting my internal clock today/when I wake up. I think the time changes from Ontario to here are still screwing with me! Mind you when we even spring forward an hour I am wonky for like a week so it is understandable.

I just want to share my facial regiment with you because I adore it. I have never had the worst skin but I have one hell of a combination skin problem and I also am one of those people who hates long routines. So I realized that I am almost 20 and I need to establish a good and preventative facial regime. I have always experimented with my face and I realized that it is just costing me a fortune, sure the clinic and lancome ones are wonderful and luxurious and they work. The issue I have is that I hate to break the bank with my facial stuff so I pick one expensive product that I love and that is my splurge. Just like dieting, everything in moderation!

So here is it-


  1. Wash with Cetaphil or the store brand( I use the store brand because it is almost $5 cheaper and it is the exact same stuff). I love this product it is so gentile and mild, you can use it as make-up remover; which I do, and as a daily gentle cleanser. It is also fragrance-free and non-comedigenic. As I said before, I have really combo skin and if one part of my combo skin gets thrown off I get oily, flaky and breakouty, as well as the fact the my pores can be seen from space. This doesnt dry out your skin and it also has no oil in it!
  2. olay age defying eye gel- I like it because it is a gel, and I am most worried about lines around my eyes in the future, so I might as well start now.
  3. Olay complete all day moisturiser- I use the sensitive one just because the normal one makes me produce alot more oil than I would prefer. It also has an spf 15
  4. If I know it is sunny out or I will be exposed to sun at all I use Hawiian Tropic Sheer touch on my face and neck as well as everywhere else. I like this one because it is non oily and non greasy
Night/before bed
  1. Wash with Cetaphil just like the morning
  2. Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus- this is my expensive one, I love this product, I got it as a sample from Sephora and fell deeply and madly in love. It makes my giant pore look so much smaller and it made the overall appearance of my uneven complexion, slightly sun-damaged and pore ridden face look fantastic. I could accredit all of my recent love of my skin to this product or at lease 70% of it. 
  3. Olay age defying eye gel
  4. Olay complete all day moisturiser
Also as a side note when I brush my teeth I use the tongue cleaner as a lip exfoliator, I love my lips and I worry that one day they will have lines in them or they will be dry so I take good care of those bad boys. I put the clinique and the eye gel on them, and they look great with those products. Just be careful not to get the Clinique in your mouth it tastes really not good. During the day I have found a  great lip balm that I can not get enough of- Sephora Collection Super Nourishing Lip Balm LOVE IT

So yeah that is my little routine, I skipped the make-up removal step because I mixed in in with washing, that cetaphil goes in my eye balls all the time and I find it alot nicer than alot of make-up removers.

I decided to write this down here because I have finally found something that works for me, and I know that pretty, healthy looking skin is something that makes us all fell great about ourselves. I find that if my skin looks shitty it wrecks my self confidence a little bit, probably because I don't wear alot of make-up but you get my drift!  I will also post the list below with the links to the sites and the cost of them individually(CDN)

Does anyone have a fantastic regime that they would love to share? Any random skin beauty tricks? let me know!

Cetphil- $9-$15


  1. What a detailed routine! : ) I pretty much just use Olay Moisturizer for sensitive during the day. At night I use the Olay regenerist face scrub, it has exfoliants in it. Then I smooth on a bit of the olay regenerist overnight cream. That bad boy is expensive. It was like $20 for a small little pot of it. But I only use a small amount so it's lasted a good while.

  2. I'm a Nivea girl myself. :) Love their Refreshing facewash and toner. And the Nivea facial cream rocks my socks! :D Tho I have to admit, the Clinique stuff you use sounds interesting because my pores are seriously the size of creators and I'd love something that would diminish the look of them.

  3. You're lucky! You have two lips: top and bottom. I only have one: bottom. LOL! I wish I could get an implant so I didn't look so...blah.

  4. This is very good that you are taking care of your skin while you are young. I love Cellex-C Sea Silk Oil-Free Moisturizer for my older-than-everybody face. Used to use Olay products and Loreal until allergic reactions to both. My 92 yo Mom still uses Olay fragrance-free every day.

  5. Gosh I'm too lazy to do all of that lol and I'd probably forget but You've been chosen pretty lady! Check out my blog :D