Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes I feel like my relationship...

Is killing my best laid plans. He sabotages me indirectly and it drives me nuts, but I know it is not on purpose. Yesterday we went to his moms house for dinner like usual in the summer and she always has like 4 billion pounds of candy, cookies and chocolate bars. I cant help but to eat them when I am in front of them and he is eating them. This morning and yesterday morning I asked him to wake me up at 11- yesterday I woke up at 3pm and today 11:10 only because my cat jumped on me. Sometimes I feel like I would be better of alone. I think I just need to gain some semblance of independence back, my best friend is trying to talk me into moving to Sask. for school because she sees I need more from him than he can give me. UGH shit. I am going to start by fending for myself and than go from there.


  1. I think at times it is hard not to lose your independece as a couple. If you have had in depth conversations about needs & expectations with no changes, maybe you should take some more you time. (Not saying break up-just be a bit selfish.)

  2. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and the past month of being single has allowed me to really just put myself first without having to worry about pleasing someone else or avoiding the gym in order to go out to dinner with him and such.
    Sometimes you can have a relationship that gives you enough time to maintain yourself, but that can be hard to find.
    Pros and Cons seem to work for me when deciding things.

  3. defiantly start putting yourself as more of a priority...either that or buy an alarm clock

  4. It's candy. To you, candy is poison. Would you eat poison if it was laying around ? Just say no..

  5. I can relate. It is a delicate balance btwn being your SELF and being a couple.

  6. The reasons you mentioned are not reasons to get rid of someone. Maybe it's deeper? Maybe your feelings are not as strong as they should be? Maybe you can be more self directed without depending on him and see if that makes you feel better. No matter what happens, I hope you find what makes you happy. That is what matters most.

    - Lisa

  7. You're blaming him for YOUR eating candy and YOUR not waking up on time? ...own it, get an alarm clock and stop eating the candy.

  8. Wow fatboy Kris, bit harsh.

    To be fair the waking up thing is for you to do on your own, you should get yourself up and never rely on anyone else, your not a child being looked after by your mum!

    As for the candy thing, well its not up to him to change cause your losing weight, its up to you to have the ability to say no, explain why your saying no and those who love you will support you and not push bad food on you.

    If there is lots of bad food in the house talk to him about being healthier to help you and it would be helpful not having it around you in your home. You cant dictate how it is when your going to his mums you just need more will power. It is hard when its pushed in your face but you need to weigh up whats more important, eating the bad food or losing the weigh its a simple as that, is what your eating really worth it?

    I don't think the reasons you give are reasons to break up with someone. If your not getting the support and love you need then of course its goes much deeper than him just eating bad food around you but have you seriosuly talked to him about how he can help and how he can be supportive in a realistic way? If you don't feel you love him anymore then again the relationship is not right but be honest about why and how how your feeling, it cant be just about food and you trying to lose weight.